Letter from the President
April 2016

It's great to have nice weather – I'm starting to see some nice older cars out and about.

At the first meeting of the year, there were 20 members present and one guest, Carmen Bartuccio, who then re-joined the Kit-Han-Ne Region. Carmen, and his parents, were long-time members of the region and they presented a number of Model A Fords. In the past, Carmen had been treasurer. So, it was nice to see Carmen back – he and Jim Schultze chatted and Jim was pleased to see Carmen again. I am sorry about missing the meeting – had another commitment, but I had the agenda ready and asked Jorn to run with it.

The Ford City Summer Fest committee will meet in the evening of May 11th. I am asking any members interested in helping, to please attend the meeting with me so that we hear and agree on the same things. Parking and angled parking with direction of traffic flow had been a big problem at the last event and has made some folks unhappy. This is an area that needs fixed. If we start with a plan at this meeting, and stick with it, it should make the event work well.

With our first cruise of the season on Wednesday, May 18th, please remember all of the jobs we need help with. Helpers make the cruise the quality that it is and makes it run smoother.

Marcia Williamson is still working on goody bag items. If you have connections for goody bag items, please 'work' those connections. For businesses, it is good advertising opportunity with pens, key fobs, and those sorts of low-cost advertising pieces – and they're useful for the recipients.

I talked to Diane Smith and Morgan is doing better. He still isn't walking and will be in Armstrong County Health Center, 265 McKean Street, Kittanning, Pa 16201. If you will, please send Morgan some get well wishes.

The 'jobs', again, that need filled at the cruises:

  • 1 - Set up and tear down – these are tough – usually a two-hour setup and a one-hour teardown. This is the physical work part of the cruises.

  • 2 - Gate – should have 3 to 4 people – taking the cash, handing the goody bags, answering questions, welcoming participants, giving first traffic directions 'out of the hole', and so forth.

  • 3 - Parking – should have 3 to 4 people – this is actually tough because people want to save spaces, park by friends, “No, I don't like that guy that you're placing me next to,” and so forth. Manage orange cones.

  • 4 - 50/50 – should have 2 people minimum – this is a nice 'walk-around' job – get to chat with people and look at cars.

  • 5 - Hot dog cart – should have 3 to 4 people – this has been a very successful addition to the cruises thanks to Roy and Bobbi Williamson's contribution of the cart and operation. Even George likes it – it was originally George's idea back when we did the hot dogs 'in the park' – the hot dog cart lessens the load on the restaurant and that makes food 'waits' less.

  • 6 - Music – should have 2 people. We also need to work on the equipment – loose/broken wires.

    Our next club meeting is Wednesday, April 27th at Cabin Greens golf course. Dinner 6PM, meeting at 7PM. See you there.


    Letters from the Prez