Letter from the President
April 2017

Happy spring! It's that happy time of the year - get our toys out of the garage!

This year, our Cadet Cruises will be May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16 and September 20. The Kalmar Relay for Life cruise will be Thursday, July 13.

We need cars for the dash plaques. May's dash plaque will feature one of John Heckman's cars. Could it be a Cadillac? We still need June through September plaque vehicles. Please let me know if you want your vehicle on a dash plaque.

The 2017 Kit-Han-Ne Region officers are:

  • Bobbi Jensen - president - 724-664-1022
  • Roy Williamson - vice president - 724-548-2103
  • Jerry Grafton - treasurer - 724-859-3117 - mail for treasurer - 2310 Manor Drive, Ford City 16226
  • Donna Kovar - secretary - 724-664-2112
  • Bill Johnson - webmaster - 724-548-7435 email for website - bill@zmax.us
  • Jorn Jensen - legislative liason - 724-954-8270

    These officers will 'cover' the club's 2017 'year' - April 26 through October 25th, 2017.

    Our first meeting will be Wednesday evening, April 26th, 2017, at the Cabin Greens Gold Course. Dinner at 6PM and meeting at 7PM.

    As always, for the cruises, we need goody bag items. This is always a bit of a challenge, but advertising 'gadgets' for businesses work well for goody bag items. Pens, pencils, bottle openers, envelope openers, cups, sticky note pads, etc., with advertising, work both ways - they're a 'gift' in the bag and they're good advertising for the business.

    If you can put forth some cruise night hours to help out, please offer to do so. It takes a lot of people to pull off a quality event. The hot dog cart typically takes 4 people. Cruise setup and teardown takes quite a number - even if you're only available on one end or the other - setup or teardown - that would be great. 50/50 sales - 2 to 4 people - kids usually help out with this. 'Runner' between the gate and the DJ stand - for drawing tickets, etc. 'Parkers' for assigning parking to incoming vehicles - this one can sometimes be a tough one. Gate people - usually 4 people.

    And, as is common each year, we've been asked to 'help' at some local cruises. 'Helping' is considerably easier than 'running' an event - in 'helping', we do a part of someone else's event and then we're done. Parking, music, gate, 50/50 - are typical help-type jobs. Ford City Summerfest has again asked for our help - July 1, 2 & 3 - July 1 parade, July 2 & 3 car cruises. And Walkchalk Salem Baptist Church, August 26th, 11AM to 3 PM - help with the childrens' events. So, if you're planning on attending, then attend and consider a little time to help with the event.

    First club meeting of the year - Wednesday, April 26th at Cabin Greens Golf Course. Dinner at 6PM, meeting at 7PM. See you there - please try to patronize the restaurant - the meeting room is free to the club.


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