Letter from the President
March 2016

We're back! Another car season is about upon us. With the odd weather we've been having, the groundhog appears to have been correct, at least for this general area. The winter was one of the easiest to get through that I can remember for quite a while. One measure is how often Jorn plows the driveway during a winter – we typically choose to drive over it as long as we can to avoid having to rake the gravel back into the driveway – this year, he didn't have to plow once. That is success.

This year, sadly, we've lost two members – Tom Higginson and Peg Sicheri. Our condolences to the families – both will be truly missed.

And member Morgan Smith is in Kittanning Care – please remember to send him well-wishes.

In late February, our 'woods' friend (woods is anything above route 80), Rene Grumbaugh, again held her car-less car cruise at The Cook Forest Country Inn. It was a full house and Bill and Sue Johnson, and Russ and Shirley Collar attended. It was actually a 'good weather' day and an easy drive up to Cook Forest.

So, what's up for March?

  • Monday, March 21st – 9:30AM – Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor 'All Pumped Up' presentation at the museum on route 30 near Ligonier. $6 admission includes some give-aways. A little over an hour's drive to get there from Kittanning.
  • Wednesday, March 23rd – 6PM Kit-Han-Ne Car Club meeting at Cabin Greens Golf Club. 6PM dinner, 7PM meeting to conduct club business.
  • Saturday, March 26th – 1PM to 5PM – Town Hall Meeting at the old school in East Brady. This is the event to be at to find out what is coming up this car season – events, dates, locations, times. Food and drink is available – vendors and car clubs will be on-hand and make presentations.

    Marcia Williamson has sent out letters of request for goody bag items. In addition to this effort, if you have connections for goody bag items, please ask. Goody bag items are good advertising potential for local businesses. This year, we have 5 Cadet cruises plus the Kalmar cruise Relay for Life.

    In our October, 2015 meeting, we discussed signing up for jobs at the cruises There are many places where you can help to maintain a quality Cadet and Kalmar cruise:

  • Set up and tear down – these are tough – usually a two-hour setup and a one-hour teardown. This is the physical work part of the cruises.
  • Gate – should have 3 to 4 people – taking the cash, handing the goody bags, answering questions, welcoming participants, giving first traffic directions 'out of the hole', and so forth.
  • Parking – should have 3 to 4 people – this is actually tough because people want to save spaces, park by friends, “No, I don't like that guy that you're placing me next to.”, and so forth. Manage orange cones.
  • 50/50 – should have 2 people minimum – this is a nice 'walk-around' job – get to chat with people and look at cars.
  • Hot dog cart – should have 3 to 4 people – this has been a very successful addition to the cruises thanks to Roy and Bobbi Williamson's contribution of the cart and operation. Even George likes it – it was originally George's idea back when we did the hot dogs 'in the park' – the hot dog cart lessens the load on the restaurant and that makes food 'waits' less.
  • Music – should have 2 people. We also need to work on the equipment – loose/broken wires.

    Our next club meeting is Wednesday, March 23rd at Cabin Greens golf course. Dinner 6PM, meeting at 7PM. See you there.

    Thank you,


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