Letter from the President
May 2016

Rain, rain, go away make next Wednesday, May 18th, a sunny day. Yes, next Wednesday is our first Cadet Cruise of the season. Remember, also, rain date rules if it is rain on the cruise date, we meet at Cabin Greens for our monthly business meeting and then have the cruise on the normal meeting night in this case, that would be Wednesday, May 25th. Setup will start at 2PM, but I'll guess that, as this is the first one of the season, Jorn will be there much earlier to inspect site conditions, parking lot debris, and so forth. George has asked us to make sure that the hot dog cart is there it really helps to ease the workload in the restaurant.

Another paper letter from the president? I thought we voted to go email for letters from the president! Well, not so fast. That motion and vote went too fast without enough discussion. To do an email letter from the president, it will require those using email to be able to open attachments, or, someone has to sit and re-type the entire letter from the president into an email only. Further, the club website has the letter from the president at the bottom of the site, so emails are actually not necessary. So, until we think this through, here's more paper and another 50 cents, or so, per member. It is up to each individual member to contact me and ask to be taken off paper, otherwise, you'll receive a paper letter from the president until the club votes on something else 'workable'.

Jorn and John Fahringer attended the Ford City Summerfest meeting at the CU hall in Ford City. They now have a plan Jorn will create a 'parking map' for club parkers to use use to fill the available space. The committee has decided upon a $5 donation 'fee' for the event, since it is a fund-raiser for the committee. That means that there will be a 'gate' at 4th and 7th, like in the past, and blocked off roads in order to have displayed cars inside the gate after going through the gate. People parking outside any and all barricades are 'outside' of the event. The 'car' event will run from 2PM through 6PM, Sunday, July 3rd. This will be well-after the church services, both 'in-park' and in local churches. The event runs until 11PM and cruise vehicles are welcome to stay as long as they want. There will be goody bags and dash plaques.

I'm working on a trip to Horseshoe Curve and the railroad Museum at Altoona. Early information Admission packages Adult combo, ages 16 through 61, $11. Senior combo, ages 62 and over, $10. Child combo, ages 2 to 11, $9. Under age 2 is free. We'll also have dinner somewhere.

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor museum will be starting their Lincoln Highway Supper Market on Wednesday evenings. This is an outdoor dining extravaganza of ala carte items made by local chefs, music and free admission to the museum. The Wednesday events run from 5PM to 8PM, on the museum grounds, on route 30, west of Ligonier. You may bring your own wine to enjoy it is a sort of tailgating event best to bring folding chairs and tables. It is a nice evening out with friends.

Also. Remember, Sunday, August 28th, Paradise Park, route 268 in Sugarcreek Township Cheesburger in Paradise event 50's music and food. Take an old car, folding tables and chairs and enjoy this outdoors event.

See you all at the Cadet Wednesday, May 18th. Our next club meeting is Wednesday, May 25th at Cabin Greens golf course. Dinner 6PM, meeting at 7PM. See you there.


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